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Kids  M M A
Bully Proof Your Child

Kids MMA

In a culture that exposes children to violence in everything from music to video games and television, the idea of enrolling your child in Martial Arts training doesn't always seem like a good one.

Your child can benefit greatly through the practice of Mixed Martial Arts. This sport can bring many things into a child’s life including confidence, respect, maturity, discipline, physical and mental health. A common misconception about children participating in Martial Arts is that it will make a child more violent, aggressive, or more prone to starting fights. Having your child involved in Mixed Martial Arts can teach them them the discipline, respect and self-control necessary to avoid fights and defend themselves when conflict is unavoidable. The kids who are more actively involved in conflicts are those that lack this disciplined training.

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                                              Our Kids MMA classes focus on
1. Alive Training
     Your child can't learn to swim on dry land, and even more they can't learn MMA
     or to defend themselves standing in a line punching and kicking like robots. All
     our training is based on 'aliveness'  which emphasizes timing, movement and
     resistance. Using proper gear and rules, our kids drill kickboxing, judo and
     wrestling/grappling in a safe environment.
2. Fun

      We do not believe in military type training methods. Your child will absorb and
      learn so much more when having fun. Our staff are able to present the classes
      at your child's level while ensuring mutual respect is maintained.
3. Variety
      Our classes will expose your child to a variety of disciplines which will ensure
      they never get bored. Your child will be trained in Kickboxing, Judo and
      wrestling with the added benefit of our Bully Proof Your Child program ensuring
      your child stands a better chance 'surviving' the school yard bully.

Bully Proof Your child

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