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We offer a ladies only KickBoxing Functional Fitness program at our HQ which is suited for all ladies who would like to Burn fat   -  Build lean Muscle  -  Be motivated!

Our ladies are exposed to the full scope of KickBoxing and Muay Thai Boxing from Thailand which includes Boxing, KickBoxing and striking with the elbows and knees with the added benefit of a Functional Fitness
training program.

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Life changing benefits

Joining an community of like minded individuals keeps you on track with your training and helps you make some motivating friends along the way.
The confidence built from training in Martial Arts can accompany you into the office, your relationships, and wherever else you can use a self-assurance boost!

You may find yourself with increased leadership skills or an ability to conquer presentations just like you would in the ring. Your new found confidence will also help deter any would-be attackers
Discipline. The discipline you’re sure to develop from training in Martial Arts can be applied to the rest of your life, from enhancing your capacity to stick to a schedule to strengthening your resolve to eat well.
Fitness. Training in Martial Arts is guaranteed to improve your level of fitness. Martial Arts fighters are some of the most superior, well-rounded, Olympic-caliber athletes of the day. Living the warrior lifestyle can therefore transform your body, along with your mind and spirit.
Self Defense. Studying Martial Arts can greatly increase your level of preparedness in the face of a dangerous situation. With your knowledge of combative arts, you can defend yourself whenever you need to.

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