Morné Swanepoel's
Coach Morné Swanepoel
I started training in the Martial Arts in 1976 as a 4 year old Amateur Wrestler. The website does injustice with regards to giving a true reflection on my Martial Arts journey. I hope i am able to reflect as much as possible on an amazing life spent in the Combat Arts.
I am very thankful for the opportunities i was given to pursue my passion and my dream as a Martial Artist. A book has many resources and i am very fortunate to be able to meet, learn and train with some of the best fighters, coaches and Martial Artists in the world. I look forward continuing living the Warriors Way and to study and train the combat arts until the day i die.
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Some highlights of my journey
Worlds best coaches and fighters
What an amazing experience training with some of the world's top fighters and coaches, such as: Demian Maia, Erle Montaigue, Richard Bustilo, Rigan Machado, Rodrigo 'Comprido' Medeiros, Octavio 'Ratinho' Couto, Daniel Duby, Brian Mitchell, Burton Richardson, Baret Yoshida, Marcello Garcia, Matt Thornton, Leo Vieira, Felipe Costa, Roger Gracie, Chris Haueter, Roberto Atalla, Jim Wagner, Eddie Jardine, Pikkas Windell, Patrick McCarthy, Kisho Inoue, Shinghai Shihan, Yang Jwing-Ming, Tom Sotis, Ricco Rodriquez, Anton Gilmore and Abner Pasa to mention just a few....
All over the world

I have traveled extensively training and conducting workshops in the following countries: USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Reunion, Seychelles, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, France, Brazil and obviously South Africa
Hosting International Seminars
I have been hosting International seminars in South Africa since 1997 bringing top Martial Artists to the continent such as: Burton Richardson, Felipe Costa, Jim Wagner, Chris Haueter, Baret Yoshida, Patrick McCarthy, Wally Simpson, Roberto Atalla.
One of the Pioneers of MMA in South Africa
Proud to be one of the pioneers of MMA in South Africa having met and trained and starting journeying with Burton Richardson from the USA in early 1997. Burton endorsed and certified me as one of the most qualified functional Jeet Kune Do (early MMA) coaches/fighters worldwide under his strict guidance. I also hosted one of the first National MMA tournaments in South Africa called 'It's Hell It's Humbling' in 1998.
Extensive media exposure
Here is a limited list of media that has published features, articles or done live interviews: BlackBelt, Budo International, Samurai, Inside Kung Fu, Martial Arts Masters,
Combat Magazine, Kung Fu QiGong, People Magazine, FHM, Mens Health, Shape Magazine, Do it Now Magazine,
Natural Medicine, Seventeen Teen mag, SA Martial Arts illustrator, Fair Lady, The Citizen, The Star, Sunday Tribune, Sunday Times,Rapport,

South Coast Sun, Beeld, Daily News, 5fm, Radio 702, SAFM, Radio Lotus, RSG, Radio Oranje, East Coast Radio, Mnet Supersport, eTV, SABC

One of my most favorite quotes by a true Martial Artist
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