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Grappling by definition as a Martial Art, is any style or mix of styles that comprises techniques that rely on grabbing and controlling the opponent using body leverage as a way of achieving the supremacy through throws and take downs, pins and submissions, as opposed to the “striking” martial arts. At Rio Grappling we extensively train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as Judo and Wrestling as we believe these styles blend together very nicely and compliment each other in our pursuit of excellence.
We mainly focus on the grappling styles as we believe them to be more refined and less dangerous to one’s health than the striking ones. One can train in a safer way when grappling, without going back home with bruises, injuries and black eyes caused by intentional blows. No martial art is totally free from accidental injuries, but grappling styles tend to minimize them by smart training and use of mats and other protection and prevention from excessive force during sparring.
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BJJ 4 Life

JiuJitsu has an unlimited number of moves and counter-moves and is an ongoing test of your skill, knowledge and creative thinking against your opponent.

It is often likened to a game of chess. ‘It’s not just about your reflexes and physical ability but being able to think a few moves ahead and outsmart your opponent.
10 quick reasons why you should train JiuJitsu
1. It's a great source of cardiovascular exercise which promotes good overall health
2. It's a great core workout which helps a person with overall stability and balance.
3. It teaches very important self-defense techniques that may help to save a
    person's life if caught in a situation with a physically aggressive opponent.
4. When a person knows how to defend himself or herself physically, they feel more 
5. It's a very family-oriented sport. It's a lifestyle that can be practiced by a family as
    a whole.
6. The more well-versed a person is in jiu-jitsu, the more they learn to be calm
    under pressure.
7. Since jiu-jitsu is a close contact martial art with many training partners, it's a
    great way to make friends.
8. Promotes a healthy diet. Whether a person trains competitively or leisurely, it's
    common for practitioners of the sport to adopt the entire jiu-jitsu lifestyle, which
    entails a healthy diet.
9. Learning the intricate jiu-jitsu techniques helps promote problem solving and
    critical thinking skills.
10. Jiu-Jitsu is for everybody, regardless of age, sex, or physical limitations! Based
     on the gentle nature of jiu-jitsu, its range of practitioners is vast!
Rio Grappling
Roberto and Morné
We are proud to be affiliated to and representing one of the most dynamic and fastest growing BJJ Associations in the world today, Rio Grappling Club.
Morné Swanepoel was personally appointed by Rio Grappling head coach, Roberto Atalla as the head coach and representative for KwaZulu Natal in South Africa.

Our goal at Rio Grappling KZN is to expose all our students to authentic BJJ and grappling arts in a friendly constructive environment. To continue building Rio Grappling as a dominating force at tournaments worldwide and to help improve students lives by making BJJ a way of life.

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