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Reality Based Personal Protection
-B e   a   H a r d   T a r g e t-
tai chi
Tai Chi
1. Traditional-based systems such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung-fu etc. are ancient systems that adhere to ancient techniques and training methods. They typically wear uniforms, have a belt ranking system, and require their students to learn foreign customs, traditions and terminology. Found within these systems are fundamental self defense principals, but they are not structured to teach students modern criminal, terrorism and violent crime situations such as bombings, armed robberies, drive-by shootings, stalking, car-jacking, gang violence, threat assessment, rapings etc. Click here to learn more about traditional Tai Chi for health and relaxation.
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

2. Sport-based systems, such as JiuJitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing etc. have their roots in traditional-based martial arts, but adhere to sporting rules in order to compete in various tournaments, sporting events, or even the Olympics. Like the traditional-base martial arts, viable self defense techniques and training methods can be gleaned from sport-based systems as well, but also like the traditional-based systems they also lack many modern conflict solutions. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or 'cage fighting' is one of the toughest tournaments known today. Click here to learn more about High Performance Mixed Martial Arts.

personal protection
Personal Protection

3. Reality-based systems are those systems that teach the fundamental self defense techniques that are found in both the traditional-based and sport-based systems, but go a step further by training specifically for modern conflict situations, and eliminating outdated techniques and training methods.Although there are many systems today calling themselves “reality-based,” because they see themselves as training more realistically and have abandoned non-essential customs and traditions, few of them are actually “complete reality-based” systems. In other words, they lack Pre-Conflict and Post-Conflict training in their curriculum's and their Conflict training may be lacking simply because they have no real-world experience with criminals, abnormal, or terrorism.

Obviously a style can overlap from the one system to the next and visa versa. But, depending on your goal one needs to ensure you expose yourself to the correct system to achieve the best results. Does your current system or style educate and prepare you what to do and what not to do in social and asocial violence?
Some of the things you can expect to learn at Reality Based Personal Protection
anti rape
Anti Rape Training
self defence
Protecting the injured - Asocial encounter
multiple opponents
Dealing with multiple opponents
close quarter protection
Close Quarter Protection
reality based
How to survive a shoot out
Extracting the injured
citizen arrest
Citizens Arrest
knife fighting
Surviving and edge weapon attack
defend against
Surviving an Impact Weapon
burton richardson
Ground fighting for the street
Self Defense

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