Morné Swanepoel's
At our goal is to change the lives of those who walk into our gyms for the better. We are passionate about what we do and honored to be able to change so many people's lives.
'Being apart of has changed the way i live my life, the better way. I've have made new friends who are always there to help me. What you learn at this gym isn't just physical, it's also lessons in life and making the best of it' 
Tashvir Santilall  -Durban SA-

'This gym has changed my life not only physically but mentally to. Its more than just a gym or team, its a family. I have become very close with all my team mates and I know we will remain good friends for the rest of our lives. Coach Morné is a very inspiring person and very motivating. Since joining the gym my whole lifestyle has changed. I'm living a mixed martial artists lifestyle, more healthy, active and positive'
Craig Ninow -Amazimtoti SA-
EFC Africa Pro Bantam Weight FIghte

I have been training in functional mixed martial arts with for more than a decade now, and can attest to the fact that training in such a healthy, ego-free training environment has a profound effect on becoming a better person, both on and off the mat. I will never regret the day I decided to join – it has been a life changing experience!
Johan van Heerden -Potchefstroom SA-

Since I started at in 2013 my fitness has increased, I can challenge more physical obstacles than what I used to. Training is very intense and I feel great afterwards. The coach is excellent, the gym is clean, the people are welcoming! I won't go train anywhere else!
Lauren Abbett  -Durban SA-

I have been training at for almost three years on a one on one basis. Aileen is professional, fun and a great motivator. She is so in tune with her clients needs, she knows how far she can push you and then she pushes just a little more! Aileen is very knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition and is a great advisor. The gym is clean and functional. I love my gym sessions and would not go anywhere else!
Michelle King Page -Amanzimtoti SA-

I recently commenced Tai Chi lessons with Morné Swanepoel at Gym.  He provides detailed expert guidance in a very non-threatening patient manner.  This is essential for someone as poorly co-ordinated as myself who is trying to get to grips with this graceful and intricate exercise.  My main motivation is to use Tai Chi to support my running, harnessing the mental discipline, as well as the principles of alignment and core strength, along with the stretching, to improve my technique and prevent injuries.  I can already see the benefits of this in my running ...and, perhaps, one day, I'll even get to enjoy the fluid intricate flow of the proper Tai Chi movements. In the meantime, I am gaining immensely from the small steps I'm taking. 

Rashida Moosa -Durban SA-
I lack the self-motivation to work out on my own so i tried a gym called I fell extremely fortunate to have found Coach Morné Swanepoel! He truly cares about your personal well-being and is very supportive and motivating. From day one Coach Morné and Aileen helped to guide me and educate me on my fitness journey, equipping me with mental toughness to push myself to reach my goals and even exceed them. They are educated in health and fitness and their passion for it is exuberant. The gym offers a sense of family where you get to know the people you work out with and build a network of good friends.
I can honestly say i look forward to training with Coach Morné every week! If you're looking for a better quality of life with a gym that is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares, then is the place to be!

Yolanda Vink -Amanzimtoti SA- changed my attitude on my life style, the way I eat and the way I train. I have always struggled with my weight, fluctuating from overweight to too thin for my body structure. Then last year I had enough. I was 57 -58kgs and on my way to getting heavier, it doesn't sound like much, but for my body structure, it was not good. I didnt take personal training classes and I can't do Warrior Fitness as often as I would like to, but me achieving my weight loss of 8kgs was not just me, Morné shows me new equipment and how to use it, as well as motivates me when he sees me slowing down. Aileen is always there to give advice when needed. She showed me the Herbalife meal replacement shake that i can't live without at work and she has listened to me and helped motivate me when I wasn't feeling positive. Now I am 49kgs and feeling more motivated than ever to be healthier, fitter and stronger.
Chantal du Toit -Amanzimtoti SA-

I have to say that most of the Hereford staff were seriously skeptical about going to a team build that involved “self defense”. We had many of our staff pushing back but the irony of it all is that it turned out to be one of the most successful sessions we have had date. To the extent that many are asking when the next one will be, many of us were completely taken aback by the way in which you engaged with us and I personally would like to thank you for a truly rewarding experience.   I have no doubt that the bug has bit and that we will be back for round 2.
Glen Nortje
Managing Director Hereford Group

I started training at CombatCoaching in December 2007 , I was nervous about attending my fist class as I was worried I'd be teased by the other students about being overweight. But when I walked through the doors everyone walked over and introduced themselves and made me feel very welcome. And over the years of training and the continued support, encouragement and guidance I was given from Coach Morné, his family and everyone at CombatCoaching I've lost over 30kgs, gained self confidence and now I'm able to be the best that I can be!
Cameron Meintjes -Amanzimtoti SA-

I have been overweight for the last 13 years weighing in at well over 132kg’s. I joined gym in June 2013 and immediately felt at home. March 2014 our reached my first goal weighing in at less than 100kg’s saying good-bye to triple digits for good and feeling on top of the world! has been with me from the start of my journey and I will be continuing with MY AWESOME “NEW” FAMILY for as long as I am able.

Wendy-Lee Strydom -Durban SA-

'I was introduced to the gym by a friend and found it very “different” from what I have experienced in the past with any other gym I joined. Aileen and Morné are supportive, sure experts in their fields and there is always a warm welcoming feeling when you enter, no matter what level you are on in the different training offered, no member ever looks down on you or pretend to be better. I especially love the Tai Chi classes, it has helped me with being more active, fitter and a wonderful way to heal our body and cope with everyday stress'
Monica Blaauw  -Amanzimtoti SA-

'I started training at in 2013. Ever since then i have been greatly motivated by the students & Coach Morné Swanepoel, both of which are always eager to help me improve and share their knowledge and advice i need. The classes are taught in great detail and every student is guaranteed to grow in this high energy & family orientated environment. I enjoy the training and look forward being apart of this gym while improving myself with the great amount of experience and dedication found when entering this gym. We truly do train like a team & fight as a family'
Eon Palvie  -Amanzimtoti SA-

Respect, loyalty, Honor, Team and family is what is built on, a structure that will always be part of me and will keep me moving toward the ultimate greatness to win in everything life throws at me....

Giovanni Christoffels -Kokstad SA-

Since I have been training at  I have firmed and lost 2kgs. in less than 5 months! I am very happy with the training I receive, I feel it helps me a lot and puts me in a good mood.
Ashleigh Botes -Amanzimtoti SA-

I have been with CombatCoaching since 2011. Morné and Aileen are passionate about fitness and all-round healthy lifestyle, and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm they bring to every session. They make each workout  challenging, creative, place a high value on correct form, and motivate me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely, and i've got great new muscles! If you serious about changing your life for the better, is where you make it happen!
Rose Malan  -Amanzimtoti SA-
I have been doing martial arts since the age of 7, trained in multiple disciplines, with at least 5 different instructors and received various belts including two black belts and a 2nd dan in karate. I have also represented South Africa twice at the world open style karate championship and received various medals. I'm not saying this to show off, but to put my experience at CombatCoaching in perspective! I had the "I thought I knew it all, can't learn anything new" mentality. That quickly changed when I was put on the ground and choked out. It was a reality check and humbling experience. After attending a reality based self defense workshop at CombatCoaching, I knew this was the real stuff. I realized that what I have learned for self defense would not work in a real situation. Not everything I have learned before was wrong, but it is if my eyes opened to a whole new world that is much better, far more exciting and there is so much to learn. I look forward to each training session, for I know I will learn something valuable and grow! For Morné, Aileen and boys, it is not just another job, it is their life, they put everything into the gym and the members, and that is what makes it different from everything else out there. When you join CombatCoaching, you are not joining just another club, you are join a family!
Barend Pretorius -Amanzimtoti SA-